P. Edronkin

Notes on Orbiter Space Flight Simulator (IV).

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My goal now is to produce a small add-on pack for Orbiter which would include all these things. I expect that soon 'Trekkies' will be able to actually fly models of their spacecraft and even enrich their Sci-Fi universe with interactive stories.

By the way, I have tweaked some configuration files in order to achieve 'sub-warp' speeds: two days ago I flew NCC-1701 Enterprise C from Earth to Mars in just about ten hours, and I hope to come along with ideas for simulating Warp-standard travel in the near future.

Indeed, this may not represent actual scientific knowledge but the future is made out of stuff like this, and not on present limitations. The fact that we can't travel like that now should not be an obstacle to start thinking that one day we might.

This could have an impact even in the way in which we look at Sci-Fi movies, books, etc. since it would be possible to actually compose your own science-fiction adventures using such stuff, and at the same time, some practical ideas with scientific or technological potential might appear as well.

2)- You can build very precise models of anything, on any celestial body. Since you can add surface objects and there are quite a few excellent 3D models available, progress in this regard could be very fast indeed.

3)- The simulator's physics allows for the construction of 'sub-simulators'. For example, it is quite possible to build a true atmospheric flight simulator right within Orbiter, so that you could fly aircraft on Earth, Mars or any planet having an atmosphere.

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