P. Edronkin

Notes on Orbiter Space Flight Simulator (III).

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Orbiter is a different thing and such problems are non-existent thanks to its open SDK. Space flight is a much more demanding task than surfing the atmosphere in an aircraft - real or simulated - and indeed it is different, but in terms of visual design, Orbiter opens much more doors than MSFS.

This space simulator allows you to learn space flight basics, and it also makes it possible to design visual and physical models quite unheard-of in the present.

The potential of this free software product is really impressive because you can really become creative and end during things like the following:

1)- A representation of 'universes' proper of reality, Star Trek or whatever. In fact, at this very moment I am simulating the flight of a Star Trek 'starship' that I have designed, the NCC-5139 Gea (its own class, indeed) from Mars to Jupiter in this, my small Libretto notebook.

I am now at about two astronomical units (AU) away from the Sun, entering the main solar system's asteroid ring with about four AUs to go until I engage a stable orbit around the giant planet.

I have already converted to Orbiter standards ships like NCC-1701-C Enterprise, Reliant, and other objects, such as the Regula-1 station. In fact, the most difficult task with these things is to define proper physical models because mesh transformations for visual rendering is quite easy.

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