P. Edronkin

Notes on Orbiter Space Flight Simulator (II).

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These things can become real nuisances in some cases. For example, the fact that you need special editors to design and program aircraft models and the fact that scenery items such as buildings are constructed around standards which only apply to MSFS hampers the use of some excellent 3D models that are all around the Internet.

Most 3D modelling standards were born quite after MSFS appeared. Therefore, there are significant incompatibilities between both groups despite the fact that general principles may be the same.

Such is the case of the textures used to 'paint' the models: while both general-purpose 3D models and those that follow MSFS standards use textures in a similar way, for most practical purposes they are incompatible.

If you have ever done some 3D modelling, you would know that textures are critical for your model's success. In other words, textures make most of the difference between good and not so good visual models.

Thus if your textures are incompatible and you have to do all the work again there is a significant risk of loosing quality, not to mention that doing all the work again may be a boring experience.

There are no practical conversors available, and in this way some of the best visual models available for any other users remain out of the reach of MSFS's users.

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