Don Pablo Edronkin

Notes on Orbiter Space Flight Simulator (I).

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'They can conquer who believe they can.'

- John Dryden.

I have been a fan of Microsoft's Flight Simulator almost since it first appeared, not because of any special love for Bill Gates' company, but because flight has always obsessed me.

In fact, I once built my own ultralight aircraft. Now I have slightly more takeoffs than landings, but that is quite another history...

Some time ago I found out Orbiter while i was looking for some software for my aircraft simulations. This is an excellent space flight simulator and almost overnight I embraced it as my new standard.

Going first into orbit, then to the Moon, and then to the planets was the next logical step after years of atmospheric flights. I still have to figure out how to go to the stars, but alas, this is what space simulation is about: to learn inexpensively how to do such things.

I have been designing aircraft and other models for MSFS for quite a while but still, two or three things always perplexed me about Microsoft's product: the lack of open standards, the need for niche (and expensive) graphical editors and some information that Microsoft - not unusually - prefers to keep secret.

Besides MSFS standards are already quite a bit old and so, systemic limitations arise all the time.

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