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Doing our best to disseminate the notion that learning about space is important may be quite a contribution. In fact, it may prove vital at times when such 'useless' projects might come under scrutiny.

From Time to time, accidents happen, politicians try to get more funds for their own goals and consequently science and other projects suffer.

Bringing awareness to the public about the importance of research and development in general, and particularly in the case of space exploration, where rewards come after quite awhile since such things are long-term investments, can certainly make a difference.

Space exploration is not just about altruistic ideals but very practical issues: many things that we enjoy today are direct descendants of technologies developed within the context of space programs all around the world.

Jobs have been created, industries have grown, and a new level of understanding of our own planet - our true environment - has been reached.

Our place is Earth, but our duty is to move forward, even to other planets.

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