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'One person with a belief is equal to a force of ninety-nine with only interests.'

- John Stuart Mill.

Modern science and technology follow strict methods in order to progress. However, they are also being nourished by means of the dreams of children who one day watch 'Star Trek' or 'Star Wars' stuff onscreen, and a few years later become engineers and researchers.

Thus science fiction in all its variants constitutes a valuable contribution to the progress of humanity both directly as an artistic expression and indirectly as a kind of engine for new ideas.

We all know that many things that a few years ago seemed impossible are quite common today so we may deduce that what we think as of impossible today will certainly become possible in the future.

I am an explorer, a real one by profession and vocation. I go to the mountains, look for fossils, gold and such stuff, and have been doing this for decades.

Space is a place to be explored, and while expenses may not allow all of us to fly there, we can all make some contributions as scientists, sci-fi writers, amateurs, political supporters or educators.

We may not all become astronauts or cosmonauts, but even if we do stimulate a child today with notions of space exploration, we may be planting the seeds of a future Magellan.

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