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Space Exploration (II).

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Among these things, developing new concepts such as flight techniques and instruments - even for spacecraft yet to be built - is part of what space exploration really is.

We have been doing exactly this for a while as a hobby, but publishing our deeds online could help someone, perhaps just as conceptual items or even as some sort of interactive Sci-Fi thoughts, but anyway, all ideas could be used.

So, the following links would take you to new realms where 'Star Trek' or 'Star Wars' spacecraft fly on simulated spaces and 3D modelling software takes the place of orbital shipyards; those that we have created in order to learn a little more about space, and in the process have some fun with the hope that one day, a real ship might do the same.

Before visiting each link, bookmark this page, add it to your favourites' list or maybe even setting up a link to it from your own website (in this way, you will keep your link safe from your browser's bugs).

The list is extensive and there are quite a few articles that you may want to read more than once. Besides, you would want to keep a reference.

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