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Space Exploration (I).

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'No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit.'

- Helen Keller.

We, the folks who have built this website - - are explorers. As such, we think that our minds should remain open for new things.

Exploration is about looking into places where no one else cares to look, or at least, not many people.

Outer space is one of such places; to say that is the last frontier is not only a cliché but a misinterpretation of the whole issue: there are no frontiers in space.

It is hard to get a true sense of proportions in space, but imagine that just in our solar system our whole little planet occupies the same relative volume that a microbe fills inside a room.

Flying a spacecraft and trying to reach another celestial body is quite like trying to find a particular micro organism in that room - not a species, but an individual.

Have you lost your preferred DNA molecule in a train station? Well, going to that asteroid is much like trying to find it before someone steps on that molecule. The standards of space exploration are not what you would expect.

We know that humans have been going out there for a while, but exploring space is not just going into orbit. It also means learning about its morphology, physical characteristics and possibilities, experimenting and making astronautics popular so that funds flow in and real flights remain a possibility.

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