P. Edronkin

Climbing mountains and self-help (II).

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Such activities are more like flying an aircraft: you should learn some things before attempting anything, but then such things are perfectly safe.

Facing problems while climbing breeds confidence in yourself and also turns you into a more realistic individual: to suffer or to enjoy is a matter that is entirely up to you; you learn that life, as the mountain that you are climbing, doesn't get even on you. There are no conspiracies, no 'bad luck', no hidden enemies or inherent shortcomings. Just the true human environment.

Only you, your problems and your solutions are there, surrounded by a beautiful landscape much as your own life with the problems you think you have is surrounded by nature, your family, friends and exciting things to do.

How you look on them and ultimately how your perspective on life is depends on your own mind and not on your boss, your bank or competition.

Even when faced with enemies, defeat depends on you attitude more than anything else, and the beauty of climbing is that - like some sort of mind gymnastics - teaches you not to give up.

Sometimes, the peak that you dreamed to conquer for a year becomes inaccessible thanks to storms or other problems, but alas, you can return the next year.

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