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'The most rewarding things you do in life are often the ones that look like they cannot be done.'

- Arnold Palmer.

Welcome! This page is about motivation and self-help for achieving your personal goals with no-nonsense ideas and approaches. I am an explorer and mountain climber almost since birth, so I think I can tell you some practical ideas about climbing your own mountains without wasting time and effort.

Here you will find some articles written by me as well as some other authors. Before visiting each link, I recommend you to bookmark this page, add it to your favourites' list or maybe even setting up a link to it from your own website (in this way, you will keep your link safe from your browser's bugs).

The list is extensive and there are quite a few articles that you may want to read more than once. Besides, you would want to keep a reference.

If you have a friend, to whom this page may apply, please tell him or her about it; and if you would like to use this material on your own site or newsletter, feel free to contact the authors directly.

1)- Self-Discipline As Your Engine For Success, by Pablo Edronkin.

2)- People and Leaders, by Pablo Edronkin.

3)- 10 Rules To Respect While Working Independently, by Pablo Edronkin.

4)- An Explanation Of The Failure Of Many Internet Ventures, by Pablo Edronkin.

5)- A Hidden Way To Online Profits, by Pablo Edronkin.

6)- The True Human Environment, by Pablo Edronkin.

7)- Multiple Skills for the 21st Century, by Jim Rohn.

8)- Doing the Remarkable, by Jim Rohn.

9)- The Subtlety of Language, by Jim Rohn.

10)- Facing the Enemies Within, by Jim Rohn.

11)- Ending Procrastination, by Jim Rohn.

12)- Reaping a Multiple Reward, by Jim Rohn.

13)- Keeping a Journal - One Of The Three Treasures To Leave Behind, by Jim Rohn.

14)- What Constitutes A Good Life? by Jim Rohn.

15)- Keep Track of Your Results, by Jim Rohn.

16)- Love the Opportunity, by Jim Rohn.

17)- The Ant Philosophy, by Jim Rohn.

18)- Read All The Books, by Jim Rohn.

19)- The Four Emotions That Can Lead To Life Change, by Jim Rohn.

20)- Action vs Self-Delusion, by Jim Rohn.

21)- Plato's Republic, by Pablo Edronkin.

22)- Preventing Dangerous Situations, by Pablo Edronkin.

23)- Take Your Mom Fishing This Summer, by Ken Schultz.

24)- A Lesson From The Coach, by Judy Wogoman.

25)- Getting Over Shyness, by Kevin Nunley.

26)- How To Win, The Nice Way. By Kevin Nunley.

27)- Come Off Well In Interviews, by Kevin Nunley.

18)- The True Survival Story Of First Lieutenant A.H. Braun, by Pablo Edronkin.

19)- Climbing mountains and self-help, by Pablo Edronkin

20)- The Power of Habits, by Pablo Edronkin

21)- Space Exploration, by Pablo Edronkin

22)- A Tip For Activists And Feminists, by Pablo Edronkin.

23)- A Brief Reflection On Inspiration, by Pablo Edronkin.

24)- A Brief Reflection On Learning, by Pablo Edronkin.

25)- A Brief Reflection On Ingnorance, by Pablo Edronkin.

26)- Why Do Climbers Keep On Climbing Mountains?, by Pablo Edronkin.

27)- A Brief Reflection On Good And Bad Pieces Of Advice, by Pablo Edronkin.

28)- A Brief Reflection On Consequent Actions, by Pablo Edronkin.

29)- A Brief Reflection On Ants and Minds, by Pablo Edronkin.

30)- What You Create By Yourself Are Your Most Important Assets, by Pablo Edronkin.

31)- The Titanic Syndrome, by Pablo Edronkin.

32)- A Brief Reflection On Your 4 X 4 Truck, by Pablo Edronkin.

32)- Why should I trust You?, by Jeffrey Murrah.

33)- Don't Invite the Ham Family to Christmas, by Jeffrey Murrah.

34)- Thoughts on ... Being Outside and Inside, by Louise LeBrun.

35)- Is Your Life on Purpose?, by Bradford Smith.

36)- Letting Go Of Emotional Turbulence, by Bradford Smith.

37)- Creating Special Moments, by Bradford Smith.

38)- A Simpler Way of Life, by Bradford Smith.

39)- Nine Ways To Get The Most Out Of Living Your Life Purpose, by Bradford Smith.

40)- Takers For Granted, by Bradford Smith.

41)- Thoughts On... Creativity And Daily Living, by Louise LeBrun.

42)- Spiritual Hunger, by Valerie Gartner.

43)- Peace of God, by Valerie Gartner.

44)- Nobody makes you angry but yourself! by Pablo Edronkin.

45)- Stress Reduction To Cultivate The Neutral Mind, by Debra Cohen.

46)- Secrets Of Effective Communication, by Debra Cohen.

47)- Give-and-Take: Really A Recipe For Success?, by Azriel Winnet.

48)- Goals and Visions Unlimited, by David Cameron Gikandi.

49)- Have You Hugged Your Guru Today?, by Rick Benenteau.

50)- Money: An illusion, A Shadow Of Something Else, by David Cameron Gikandi.

51)- A Brief Reflection On The Goals Of Business, Art And Creation, by Pablo Edronkin.

52)- A Brief Reflection On The Stupidity Of The Rush Hour, by Pablo Edronkin.

53)- A Brief Reflection On Entrepreneurship And Success, by Pablo Edronkin.

54)- A Brief Reflection On Reaching The Limits, by Pablo Edronkin.

55)- A Brief Reflection On Storms, by Pablo Edronkin.

56)- A Brief Reflection On Uphill Paths, by Pablo Edronkin.

57)- A Brief Reflection On Repetition, by Pablo Edronkin.

58)- A Brief Reflection On Armies And Corporations, by Pablo Edronkin.

59)- A Brief Reflection On Titles And Honours, And The Required Nature Of Those Bearing Them, by Pablo Edronkin.

60)- A Brief Reflection On Longevity And Intelligence, by Pablo Edronkin.

61)- A Brief Reflection On How To Get Recognition, by Pablo Edronkin.

62)- A Brief Reflection On A Cup Of Coffee, by Pablo Edronkin.

63)- A Brief Reflection On Changing Mistaken Attitudes, by Pablo Edronkin.

64)- A Brief Reflection On Hills And Personal Mountains, by Pablo Edronkin.

65)- A Brief Reflection On Recalcitrant Activism, by Pablo Edronkin.

66)- A Brief Reflection On Our Power To Commit Mistakes, by Pablo Edronkin.

67)- A Brief Reflection On Scapegoats, by Pablo Edronkin.

68)- Line And Argentina, by Pablo Edronkin.

69)- The Skowronek Bankers, by Pablo Edronkin.

70)- Jim Rohn's website, with a lot more information, tapes, videos and other products.

71)- More on motivation and self-help issues.

72)- Recommended bibliography.

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