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The Geaformers.

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What we know as 'Geaformers' are construction modules or kits that we have developed at The Gea Org for the furtherance of our explorations in Patagonia.

These kits were designed to be carried just by one person. Each one of these kits can be used to build simple structures, a shelter, etc. but when combined with others, geaformers act similarly as those toys for our children that they use to build small things like houses, planes, small machines, etc.

The only difference is that a geaformer can be used to build real-life things such as catapults, shelters, small cranes, etc. that are useful on isolated areas.

Since at The Gea Org we work mostly in Spanish (English, German, Polish and Latin are used as well), most of our discussions are documented in that language.

For smaller concepts we usually translate our texts into English, but since this is a large and ongoing discussion among the designers, you should be able to understand good Argentinean Spanish in order to read our comments (Sorry!).

This link will take you to a list of related technologies, and this one will take you to the page which contains our dialogues regarding this concept.

Using geaformers.
Explorers working on the construction
of a shelter in the Patagonian Andes.

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