P. Edronkin

Argentina, the case for Neo-Communism? (XVI).

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Just the mechanics of politics are enough cause to worry: politicians must rule according to needs. They consider the needs of the people they rule - whether they care or not is another question -, they consider the needs of their political alliances, and their own career needs as well.

The problem is that usually their thinking is short-termed, so it is relatively easy for a politician to do things like getting a loan assuming that the one who comes next will pay, and if it is him or herself as a consequence of winning the incoming elections, well, they will see. Anyway, the next can always be left to pay.

In such a way, the system is ultimately destined to fail, always, for it breeds its own evils out of its own structure. You can erect as many audit mechanisms as you will, but since the main force behind decisions such as getting into debt for political reasons is ingrained in human ambition, it is hard to see how such audits will succeed in the long run.

And if your assumptions about our model of society are still strong, consider this: regarding the argentine situation, the former Secretary of the Treasury of the U.S, Mr. David Mulford is, as of year 2002, being investigated by Argentinean authorities because Mr. Mulford allegedly belonged to the Board of Directors of the 'Banco General de Negocios' (BGN), a bank which simply took the money of its customers and so far has not returned it.

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