Don Pablo Edronkin

Argentina, the case for Neo-Communism? (XIV).

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This population which is larger than the whole of the European Union does not look at itself as 'underdeveloped' in the same light as Europeans do. In fact, Latin Americans believe that behind such assumptions there is a lingering European ethnocentrism, and that behind the new morals of human right enthusiastically put forward by some European nations there is also a good deal of hypocrisy.

While most Latin Americans just don't stand that people like General Pinochet belong to the good guys, they are bewildered at Europeans or North Americans trying to patronise them about human rights abuses.

Common wisdom in Latin American recognises that they have had quite a few severe blunders, but they simply don't believe that their self-proclaimed teachers have any moral legitimacy to speak about the matter, especially when they see in the case of Europeans and North Americans what they perceive as double standards in many areas of multilateral treaties, commerce, etc.

For example, Colombians are exceedingly offended with Spain because the European country requires visas for Colombians. They say something like 'we even die for the drug that they consume, causing more production and yet more deaths, and when we try to get away from this hell, they keep us out.'

Regarding the U.S, many resent the fact that for decades their northern neighbours have intervened in their governments, supported tyrants and even fought wars in their own lands.

Sure there are political elements who take advantage of such views, but it would be foolish to ignore them by assuming that such ideas are always political garbage, for they are not.

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