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'The cynic knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.'

- Oscar Wilde.

Our world and our environment are being affected by numerous forces, including humankind's actions and decisions.

Thorough this page you will be able to access to various articles and essays that we have written about environmental and social issues, international policies and other events that shape for good or evil our reality.

These articles do not necessarily reflect the points of view of Andinia.com. These texts are the opinions of the people that wrote them and not of companies or corporations of any kind.

The idea behind their publication is to start a debate concerning these issues by using cyberspace, the new form of democracy.

We hope that these ideas may be mind-opening and useful for you. If you want to publish your own points of view concerning these matters, please write to informa2@andinia.zzn.com or contact the authors, and we will be happy to help you.

1)- Thoughts on September 11th, 2001.

2)- NBC Survival, by Pablo Edronkin.

3)- Argentina: proof of the failure of our global economy?

4)- Extremes do touch themselves: how immigration policies are turning developed countries into disguised authoritarian regimes, by Pablo Edronkin.

5)- Betcha Didn't Know: Fast Facts About Lead-Acid Batteries, by ARA.

6)- Breaking The Sound Barrier, by ARA.

7)- Plan Your Way To Israel, by ARA.

8)- Five Of The Top 100 Bird Watching Areas In The United States, by ARA.

9)- Plato's Republic, by Pablo Edronkin.

10)- Hard Economic Times, Expensive Gas And Oil Prices - No Problem. By ARA.

11)- Climbing mountains and self-help, by Pablo Edronkin.

12)- Space Exploration, by Pablo Edronkin.

13)- The Tytanic Syndrome, by Pablo Edronkin.

14)- A Brief Reflection On Your 4 X 4 Truck, by Pablo Edronkin.

15)- Help yourself, by Pablo Edronkin.

16)- Related research and development at The Gea Org, by Andinia.com.

More original articles and debates in Spanish thorough this link.

Kollas im Jujuy.
Kolla indians in Jujuy, Argentina, 1960.

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