Don Pablo Edronkin

Thoughts on September 11th (XIX).

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And what is more: remember that nationals of the 'Third World' are more thought than inhabitants of developed countries. Soybeam-eating yuppies stand no real chance against a battle-hardened Peruvian or Lebanese narco-dealer who saw his parents die in front of him when he was eight years old, so don't abuse these countries, for the response would always been bloody, and if the number of terrorists grow, you will not be able to cope with them.

If Mr. Ben Laden is still free and at large, and all the power of the U.S Military has not been enough with one committed murderer, what can we expect if more, similar men appear in the future?

Clearly, western countries are unprepared in this regard, and are highly vulnerable. Unconventional warfare is their Achiles' heel. Believe me when I tell you that fighting protracted wars is much more difficult than conventional ones, for I have lived and survived thorough one.

So if you don't want to see the real consequences of the 'protection of your national interests', stop pretending at once and start and treating other cultures, other nations and other people with a little more consideration. Don't pay their debts if you don't want to, but be what you preach and let them err or succeed at their own leisure.

If you want to see real development then let them aside so that they learn to take care of themselves, but also let them aside in order to construct their societies as they want, and whether they prefer to make butter or cannons, consider that as their business and not yours. Don't interfere, even if they want to build missiles, for you have no really legitimate 'national interest' abroad. It's not your business.

If you want to have real friends then help them but help them sincerely, and not with second intentions such as the furtherance of your 'national interest,' at the expense of those societies, for it shows and if you are not sincere whith them, you can't expect them to be sincere with you. Would you trust someone that you perceive to be an insincere friend?

Don't take them for fools with subsides to your own economies - unethical according to your own teachings - while pretending them to open their markets. Don't treat them as uncivilised brats, for one day, they might remind you that they are not, in the worst possible way because these people may be wrong, may dislike you and you may feel immune to their grudges, but real enemies don't just die like the Germans and Indians at the movies.

Remember Vietnam and Mr. Ben Laden: it doesn't take huge resources to defy and even defeat large military powers.

Think that in many cases you are proving to be untrustworthy to them, treating them like second-rate humans, and in such a way you are thrashing away the friends and allies that also exist out there, rather fast.

But Oh! If you don't believe me, maybe what Dr. J. Stiglitz, Nobel Prize in Economics and former Senior VP at the World Bank recently wrote on an article entitled 'Argentina, Shortchanged - Why the Nation That Followed the Rules Fell to Pieces' published by the Washington Post on May 10, 2002 regarding the way in which the IMF is treating Argentina during its economic depression will help change your opinions. Read it, and then think it over: isn't this the kind of international policies that breed hatred?

And if you still don't believe me or Dr. Stiglitz, consider that other economists such as Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, of Harvard University, and Dr. Vito Tanzi, another Nobel Prize winner, ar saying exactly the same. What I express in this essay may sound as a conspiracy theory, but in fact it is not because my arguments are backed-up by the opinion of some of the most relevant scientists of our time. Look around, do a little research online, and see for yourself.

The truth of globalisation is not the only one. The market mantra is an oversimplification of our world and it is being used as a justification for relentless greed, plain and simple. History tells that such attempts always backfire, and September 11th and the memory of those who died there deserve more dingnity, more decency, and a little more common sense because if not, we are all headed for yet more disgraces to come that we can now hardly imagine.

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