Don Pablo Edronkin

Thoughts on September 11th (XVIII).

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Would North Americans or Europeans like to see their children die like the Iraquis because of what the White House or Brussels bureaucrats do? What kind of treatment could U.S or European children expect at the hands of the still-young Iraquis if they find a way to get even for what they are enduring now?

The power balance does not favour them now, but with the advent of mass destruction devices and the kind of motivation that hatred provides, things might change in the future, and remember: there is a whole generation of Iraqi children that will reach the age in which they will be strong enough to carry a rifle just in a few years. Meanwhile, Mr. Hussein has all the time to brainwash them while European and U.S. policies are giving recalcitrant and authoritarian leaders of all colours more than enough pretexts to educate their nationals in hatred.

So, if someone finds it necessary to get rid of rulers like Mr. Hussein or the corrupted leaders of Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia or Africa, please be my guest, but don't put governments and citizens into the same bag because despite all aircraft carriers and Green Berets, the powerful countries of the world will one day find themselves surpassed by some very nasty people while others look away.

And what is more: remember that nationals of the 'Third World' are more thought than inhabitants of developed countries. Soybeam-eating yuppies stand no real chance against a battle-hardened Peruvian or Lebanese narco-dealer who saw his parents die in front of him when he was eight years old, so don't abuse these countries, for the response would always been bloody, and if the number of terrorists grow, you will not be able to cope with them.

What would happen if the ruthless Colombian narco-terrorists start striking U.S. or European cities? What would happen if Brazilians or Argentineans stop prevent money laundering thorough their financial systems? If you just throw these countries into the abyss, why should you expect any favours coming from there?

Narco-terrorists have financial and military resources which are many times greater than those of the Al-Qaeda organisation. They strive upon the consumption of the lives of those who consume drugs, and if the governments of the U.S.A. and Europe are running out of patience for such 'Third World' countries, so are them regarding the central nations, and while economic sanctions may hurt those states, nobody would like what will come upon the world if the lost patience of those living there is mixed with resentment, narco-strategies and the weapons that money can buy.

Remember: these folks can actually purchase the aircraft which they can throw on cities, bridges or nuclear installations. They don't need complex conspiracies to get into the U.S.A. or Europe, and the fact that the consumption of drugs has not decreased since September 11th means that no matter how much the authorities tighten their controls at their borders narcos still have the upper hand, for drug dealers are experts in crossing borders and getting in. Think, and think again.

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