P. Edronkin

Thoughts on September 11th (XVII).

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The case of Iran and Irak is quite revealing: the 'international community' that praises itself so much messed things up in Iran by supporting Shah Pahlavi, resented traditionalist Iranians up the point that they were ready to accept Khomeini, and then found no other way to 'repair' the damage by supporting a ruthless dictator against whom later, a good, solid war had to take place, as well as an immoral blockade which only make common Iraquis suffer, and now we hear from time to time that Iraq should be invaded by a full-scale army.

This 50-year long series of mistakes could only take place in a faraway region of the world, where voters of western democracies could not see what the 'export' of their values and policies, and the 'protection of the national interests' of their governments were really causing.

Indeed, Islamic cultures should also take a long-hard look at themselves and try to find why a religion of love is now producing squads of suicide bombers.

If your are chopped by a hail of bullets coming from a Russian-made assault rifle, or cut to pieces by the shrapnel of a U.S cruise missile, it the same thing.

Sometimes, evils such as terrorism must be fought; sometimes military force is inevitable. I don't believe that responding militarily to terrorists such as Mr. Ben Laden is necessarily to put yourself at the level of terrorists, as may anti - globalisation and pacifist individuals suggest, but after the initial emergency passes and the right to legitimate, immediate defence subsides, if no change in the conduct of the countries and societies which praise themselves of being so developed and evolved becomes apparent, then in fact, they do achieve a similar status as the terrorists that attack them.

How on Earth could any intelligent person assume that a blockade such as the one imposed on Iraq would solve anything? Mr. Hussein doesn't seem to have lost weight; Iraqui children do, for they are dying of malnutrition just to cover up the blunders of western governments in the past.

Now, we can say a lot about the responsibility of Iraqui adults in supporting or tolerating their leader, but certainly, children cannot be blamed, and what about those kids born after 1991? They were not even alive at the time of the Gulf War!

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