P. Edronkin

Thoughts on September 11th (XIII).

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And please, don't believe for a second that I am an anti-American or anti-European in any way (in fact, I'am an European citizen). I am stating a truth that can be observed if you bother to look around. Don't blame the messenger for the message, but listen: there are scores of individuals around the world that while they disapprove things like what Osama Ben Laden has done, really feel uneasy about Europe, the United States of America and the U.S. government as well as the society of the country would do a great service to themselves - not to mention other nationals - by listening a little bit more and leaving at last the notion that they somehow have higher moral standards to judge others. Nobody is saying that Europeans and North Americans should pay for other people's mistakes; just don't trespass into their territories.

It might be envy, ignorance, resentment, corruption or whatever you want, but the alarming increase in the numbers of radical and violent individuals such as Islamic terrorists and drug traffickers targeting U.S and European interests requires a more intelligent response than a handful of cruise missiles, and there is a clear connection between the ill diplomacy of the U.S.A. and the new vogue in terms of economic matters.

Indeed: politicians and economists - the ostensible priests of our brave new world - enthusiastically go to their international forums to talk about their international matters, while some recalcitrant young people (in most cases) wait outside to throw rotten eggs at them.

North Americans and to a lesser extent, the European Union, are being perceived as the sponsors of globalisation, and thus, become the natural enemies of those opposing it.

Indeed: they might be jobless, education-less or whatever, but there is a point which is being missed in what they say, and that is the fact that globalisation seems to carry with it too many problems which are not being addressed at all, while profits increase for some, and this could backfire in the years to come.

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