Don Pablo Edronkin

Thoughts on September 11th (X).

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This is not pseudo-communist psychobabble; it is reality, and in this regard we have to draw a clear line between what is acceptable as national prosperity and an unadvisable growth of power beyond national borders in order to attain riches as and end in itself, because by doing so, meritorious nations that have achieved better living conditions for their citizens become more of a problem to others and themselves than anything else.

I own interests in the United States, I do feel that it is a great nation that has given a lot to humankind in terms of new ideas and knowledge, I do business with U.S people and companies, but I also think that unless North Americans begin to look a little more around and beyond their borders, and begin to question what their government is doing in the world, the double-standards that they use to judge others sometimes, and the relentless greed of some of their companies, we may all wake up more often and find ourselves in new iterations of September 11th.

As painful as it might seem to be to look at the causes of events as such, because it is easy to conclude that there is a lot to blame on a society which becomes under attack as what happened at the World Trade Center, it should not be considered as 'Anti-American' to criticise oneself.

The facts are there: not only all those sophisticated and expensive security systems that the United States have, and all those agencies with fancy acronyms as names failed to prevent the attack, but in fact directly intervened in the creation of the people and organisations that ended attacking the citizens of the United States.

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