Don Pablo Edronkin

Thoughts on September 11th (IX).

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This is a fact, and these 'victims' are starting to feel increasing uneasiness about their 'international partners'. These who disregard a global economy as a panacea are often portrayed as reactionary, outdated and marginal people, and thus, negligible. They get ridiculed or stamped as corrupted, tyrannical, outcasts and similar things; inevitably, such simplistic views make these opponents more radical, and thus hatred is born.

The first thing that we should do in order to avoid further acts of terrorism is to listen better to those who we may not agree with, see the trend and mark limits for ourselves and the expansion of our 'interests'.

The legitimate and advisable interests of any nation lie only within its recognised borders. Relentless growth of any organisation, including companies and nations is not good, and while legislation exists against monopolies in many countries, the truth is that the harmful effects of excessive, concentrated power can be felt long before the perpetrator reaches the stature of a monopoly.

Just remember that Mr. Ben Laden is a millionaire, but he is indeed not as powerful or rich as others. What could happen if a man like Mr. Gates finally flips?

So, it is in the interest of everyone in this globe to attain a better distribution of riches, and to control the growth of power of private individuals as well as corporations of states.

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