P. Edronkin

Thoughts on September 11th (VIII).

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Learning, reading and thinking are things that can open new universes; not just money and the pitiful financial market, which is just that: a glorified version of the markets found on stinking Middle Age villages and cities. So don't hold your breath for the price of stocks, for even at the time of the crusades, not the marketplaces but the palaces, the churches and the monasteries represented the spearheads of progress and power in the medieval western world.

Learning other people's languages also show you how they think. Don't assume for a second that since 'money talks', market values are universal. Culture, folklore and beliefs have much more influence on nations than cash of any colour.

And as a third answer, in order to sort out the apparent contradiction that surrounds me, I should say - even if this surprises you - that keep almost no pocket money for myself, for I spend most of what I get in research and development projects that benefit others and myself as well.

I do control some pretty cool technologies thanks to R&D: not many can say that they have done target shooting with a bazooka, can they? You can take a peek at some of them thorough this link, including bazookas. So much for fame and money.

And going back to the main issue of this essay, after settling what was due regarding the reasons for my deeds, let's say that from an economic standpoint, globalisation may sound great, but it ain't so for many.

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