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Science and Technology.

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'Problems are only opportunities in work clothes.'

- Henry J. Kaiser.

Here you will find some links related to the scientific method, science and technology in general, and particularly, on their aspects related to exploration and research as being developed by The Gea Org.

1)- A general description of the scientific method (in Spanish), by Pablo Edronkin

2)- Another scientific method (in Spanish), by Pablo Edronkin.

3)- Thoughts on Latin American military technology, research and development (in Spanish), by Pablo Edronkin.

4)- The develpoment of regology, a science of leadership (in Spanish), by Pablo Edronkin.

5)- Exploration and the scientific method (in Spanish), by Pablo Edronkin.

6)- Formal and non-formal logical fallacies (in Spanish), by Pablo Edronkin.

7)- The Andinia Plan: a classical example of the clash between scientific thought and ideological beliefs, by Pablo Edronkin et al.

8)- Space Exploration, by Pablo Edronkin.

9)- Research and development at The Gea Org, by Andinia.com.

10)- Recommended bibliography, by Andinia.com.

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