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You are almost done. All that is left now is to know a little bit about creation and thinking, so that you maintain your vigilance and confidence.

All thought has an effect. Therefore, imaging your life exactly as you wish it to be and be it. Become it. Do not let another thought ever come in that contradicts or weakens that vision.

If you notice one coming in, immediately block it, change it for a positive one, and declare that you shall never let yourself think something like that again. This is the ultimate in positive thinking. It is focused and filtered.

Do the same with your words and actions. Never let anything you say or do go against your vision, your highest wished for life. This is because life is created through thought, word and action, and therefore you must guard all three.

Do not stress over this. It may take effort at first but it will soon become normal to you. And if you are in a bad' spot, remember that all conditions are temporary, as is the nature of everything in the universe. Conditions do not define you, for you are beyond them.

In fact, only you can determine how long you remain in a bad' spot by the way you handle that situation in terms of your thoughts, words and actions.

The final thing is to be present. Stop day dreaming all the time. Be present, be here, Now. It is the only time that exists, the only place you can be, the only place where life is. And it is the only place where you can do anything anyway.

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