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Blanco's Tube (I).

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One of the sources of the Southern Blanco River has not been reached yet (April 2002). This one is the farthest and north western of all three sources, as measured from Mount Bolsón, and thus, the most difficult to reach.

The Southern Blanco River originates in three main and many secondary sources, but this particular one derives water from the glaciers of Mount Serrucho and Mount Roca del Tiempo, at the most intransitable and desolate part of the Southern Blanco Valley.

We could only approach this area to about two kilometres, in 1984, as we climbed for the first time Mount Roca del Tiempo, and in the year 2000, when we reached the main source of the northern arm of the Anti - Blanco Valley, on the Chilean side of the border.

Blanco's tube, Rio Negro, Argentina.
A view from the upper part of the pass between Mount Serrucho.
and Mount 42 in direction north, where the Tube is located.

From both points it is theoretically feasible to reach the last source of the Blanco. It could also be possible to reach it going upwards from the east and along the river itself, but given the density of the Valdivian forests found there and the existing distace, I would say that the easiest way to reach this particular source would be coming from Mount 42 and the pass between the Blanco and Anti - Blanco valleys.

The problem with these Valdivian forests is that they are of such density that the gear and clothing would suffer an excessively hard treatment, not to mention the human mind!

Blanco's tube, Rio Negro, Argentina.
This is an example of the kind
of walls that you must climb down
in order th reach the bottom
of the Blanco Valley.

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