P. Edronkin

Wilderness advice: making a fire.

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Since we have received numerous messages and questions regarding this topic, we have decided to expand this section from a simple description about combustibles usable under survival circumstances to a full series of articles and answers to the most-frequently asked questions.

Indeed, we also include our original articles about the topic, and descriptions regarding the various methods and techniques useful for starting fires under outdoor conditions.

If you would like to send us your observations or questions, we would be happy to receive them.

1)- Combustibles, by Pablo Edronkin.

2)- General notes on survival techniques, by Pablo Edronkin.

3)- Alternative methods for starting fires (in Spanish), by Cristian Loewe and Pablo Edronkin.

4)- Developing combustibles for outdoor activities (in Spanish), Ana Lucia Arango and Pablo Edronkin.

5)- Starting a fire, by Pablo Edronkin.

6)- Nutrition: extreme cooking (in Spanish), by Pablo Edronkin.

7)- A proper way to dispose of your litter, by Pablo Edronkin.

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Starting a cam fire.
It is possible to start a fiver even with water-soaked wood.

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