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Mount Gamma (I).

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Mount Gamma (1.963 m) is a mountain located in Patagonia, Argentina, near Villa Puelo, a small town near the lake and national park that carries the same name.

This is typical second-order mountain of Patagonia. Access is relatively simple and it is possible to camp and spend the night on the nearby Waldorf cabin, located within the nearby Valdivian forests, at just an hour and a half from Mount Gamma's peak.

Mount Gamma, Villa Puelo, Patagonia.
A condor flying near Mount Gamma, with a view to Mount Roca del Tiempo.

The mountain itself is not very remarkable; there are no glaciers or eternal snows, but from there, the visitor enjoys a spectacular view of more 'serious' mountains such as Mount Bolsón, Mount Roca del Tiempo and Mount Alicia, as well as the deep walls of the Blanco Valley, that lies near 1.000 m below.

Mount Gamma is an ideal mountain to start training and learning basic mountaineering techniques. There are substantially dangerous areas, but plenty places where to practice.

Mount Gamma, Villa Puelo, Patagonia.
The concealed Waldorf cabin on the East side of Mount Gamma.

This is also one of the mountains that mark the beginning of the high-altitude route that expeditions to the deepest parts of the Blanco take in order to reach Lake Los Rizos, a couple of days away.

This route passes Mount Gamma and takes the visitor thorough a series of lakes, a significant glacier and a couple of precipices before reaching Lake Los Rizos, an isolated place were the members of The Gea Org. have constructed a base for further exploration of the area.

Mount Gamma, Villa Puelo, Patagonia.
Mount Gamma, as seen from the Waldorf cabin.

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