P. Edronkin

Mount Bolsón (VII).

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In these nearly 300 km of border, there are only two international mountain passes usable by vehicles, at Esquel - Futaleufu, and Bariloche - Puerto Montt.

You can go from Villa Puelo to the Chilean side of the Andes thorough a trail, but there is no access for vehicles.

There are few inhabitants in the area, and most mountains remain uncharted and unknown. You can actually become the first human ever to visit some of those places, and as tradition allows, christen them. I have done so on a few occasions.

Mount Bolsón.
Noon at the top: wind prevents these explorers from standing
up at Mount Bolsón's peak, during the summero fo 1999.

But the problem is that unless you know these mountains and forests well, you should not go without a guide or someone who has already been there because if you get lost, you will remain lost forever.

Mount Bolsón lies in a very cold area, with no vegetation at all. I would not advise you to camp near the glacier unless you know very well what you are doing. The best places to stay and visit the mountain are the Waldorf cabin, to the East, or the chapel that we have constructed a few years ago at Lake Los Rizos, further to the West.

Mount Bolsón.
Los members of 1999's expedition. From left to right,
first row: Luciano Marcer, Federico Ferrero; second row,
Gustavo Sakuda, David Miranda, María Laura Fernandez, and at the bottom,
Pablo Edronkin, the author and leader of the expedition.

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