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Mount Bolsón (V).

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The Galcier of Tears is otherwise passable, but with caution. Despite its appearance when it is covered with snow, there are quite a few crevasses, and they are evenly distributed on all its surface, being the most dangerous part also its highest, where inclination surpasses sixty degrees in some cases. Thus, climbing gear is mandatory.

Climbing from the lakes and up to Mount Bolsón's peak takes between one and two hours, according to the chosen route, the depth of the snow and some other factors. The easiest route goes across the smallest part or 'finger' of the glacier, to the West, and then up to the North thorough the Southern side of the mountain.

Mount Bolsón.
The valley between Mount Gea (left) and Mount Gamma (right). The 'grass'
on the picture is actually covering a kind of bog called known as 'mallin'.

In order to reach Los Rizos Lake, on the Western side of the mountain, it is necessary to cross the glacier, and while it is possible to deviate to the South and avoid it altogether, it is preferable to cross the ice since going to the South adds - at least - three more hours which, by the way, become very tiresome because after going around the glacier you will have to climb a step wall of above-average difficulty while you are carrying your backpack with you.

Instead, crossing the glacier directly takes approximately one hour and requires no special effort apart from jumping a couple of crevasses.

Mount Bolsón.
The old Waldorf cabin, in the middle of a Valdivian forest. The tress are Lengas
(notofagus antarctica); nobody knowns who built the cabin, around 1930.

Once you cross the glacier, you will find yourself on the Southern side of the mountain. Then, after you walk for a couple of minutes you will reach --on the South Western side - a high-altitude plain with nice snowfields and water streams.

From there, if you go to the West, you will eventually reach Lake Los Rizos, alas, caveat emptor, you will first have to climb down a 400 m high wall.

Mount Bolsón.
Mount Roca del Tiempo, located to the north. It is actually not quite easy to.
to reach it: between the location where the picture was taken and this
mountain there is a precipice of about 600 m, formed by the Blanco River.

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