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Mount Bolsón (II).

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Mount Bolsón is located in the Blanco region, defined by the Blanco river system. To the West, the mountain is accompanied by Lake Los Rizos, to the North, you can find the very deep Southern Blanco Valley with its river and Mount Roca del Tiempo; to the East, Mount Bolsón is surrounded by the small Mount Gamma and Mount Gea, and to the south, Mount Aguja Norte.

In order to reach Mount Bolsón you generally have to trek from Villa Puelo, some 25 km to the East. The path goes from the Puelo Valley up to a place known as Waldorf, in the middle of a beautiful Valdivian forest, and from there, you have to climb your way up thorough the valley that separates Mount Gamma and Mount Gea.

Mount Bolsón.
Going up thorough the Southern side of Mount Bolsón.

Once you reach the crest formed between these two small mountains - you probably guessed -, the way goes down again, until you reach the area of the lakes, near Mount Bolsón's glacier.

Mount Bolsón.
Camp David I, near the lakes and the glacier.

There, a few years ago, the group that I was leading established a small survival shelter which we have used on various occasions since then. This shelter, known as 'Camp David' was constructed rapidly because of an incoming blizzard that prevented us from crossing the glacier on an otherwise nice summer afternoon.

Mount Bolsón.
Rock material left as residuals by the glacier at Camp David.

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