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The Blanco Region (I).

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The Blanco region is located at the 42nd Southern parallel, at the border between Argentina and Chile, and comprehends a system of valleys and rivers, among other accessory structures.

The Blanco River is an important affluent of the Rio Azul, or Blue River, that a couple of kilometres to the south ends in the Puelo Lake.

This lake of significant size receives water from two other important sources such as the Epuyen River, coming from the east, and the Turbio River, from the south.

Lake Puelo is part of a whole system of lakes located both in Argentina and Chile, and its waters pass from one to the next until they finally reach the pacific Ocean, at about 70 km westwards.

The Blanco River, also known in the area as White River for its predominating aspect thanks to its turbulent waters is quite strong and transports a high volume of water. It humbly begins on the border between the two countries and descends eastwards, in argentinean territory, until it reaches the Blue River.

There are three main 'fingers' of this river which give birth to the three Blanco sub valleys that altogether form what is known as the Blanco Region or Blanco Valley. These are the Southern, Middle and Northern rivers.

The valley covers an area of approximately 300 square kilometres and is almost totally virgin and without inhabitants, being the main reasons for this its local climate - quite cold indeed - and the fact that the Blanco River has cut thorough the mountains very deep canyons which are, in fact, impossible to cross thorough.

the Blanco region.
The problem: wahlls of about 1.000 m
surrounding this valley system.

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