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Lake Los Rizos (VII).

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Many components are standard among the things that we design and build ourselves in order to have at hand spares even in the most difficult circumstances. If the situation comes to that, we can cannibalise relatively unimportant elements and use their parts to repair other items which may be indispensable at the moment.

With very light backpacks it is possible to cover the distance from Villa Puelo to Lake Los Rizos in two days, and without any load, you may even reach the place in just one full day of fast trekking, but I would not recommend you to do so

An essential piece of gear there is your gun. Yes, you have to be armed to venture into that area because you would not be exactly in the middle of sight-seeing tours' routes.

There are many dangers there, and in some cases, even humans can pose a real threat to your life and properties. In fact, a cabin that we built some time ago near the area was sacked and destroyed completely, so we always carry a fair amount of firepower with us, thanks to our Nanotyrannii.

Reaching Lake Los Rizos and its chapel is a matter of walking and persisting. You can only get there by foot since horses would not cross the Glacier of Tears, which is in your way and you cannot bypass. All you need or want has to be taken in your backpack.

Lake Los Rizos.
A view to the South of the Lake and Mout Hensley.

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