P. Edronkin

Lake Los Rizos (VI).

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In this regard, and after a particularly cold and rough summer when everything was covered with snow much as it is during the early spring, we designed four ourselves a combination of snow rackets and skiing boards which we call 'skikkets'.

These can be used as rackets, Nordic or Alpine boards, don't require the use of special footwear and are shorter than regular boards, so it is easy to carry them as part of our standard equipment, so we can enjoy the thrills of winters sports even during the summer, ad we have a whole mountain just for ourselves.

Since we have developed our own skiing fashion, we also gave it our own name: 'skiketting' is our 'sport', and the techniques that we have adapted from other styles give us good mobility there, because skikets can be used as snow rackets, alpine or Nordic boards.

They can also be combined and used in other ways: for example, using a couple of ponchos and skikkets, you can build some very good survival shelters in a matter of minutes.

Besides, all nuts, bolts and things which joined together form each skikket are standard. That is, you can disassemble these things and use their components to repair shelters, weapons and other items that we normally carry or have there, and vice versa.

Lake Los Rizos.
The Western waterfall that feeds the
lake, about 100m high.

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