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Mount Plataforma (III).

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In fact, I would recommend trekking from Epuyen River or Villa Puelo (in this case, count two days for crossing the lake) to the southern or Turbio tip of Lake Puelo, because you may be left stranded on the northern shore and waste your time, since the argentine 'Prefectura Naval' (coast guard an fluvial police) would not allow you to depart at all if they see that strong whirlwinds develop over the lake.

Near the small pier found on the southern side of the lake there is a forest patrol post and a few houses. From there on and for a couple of hours, the trail is fairly easy and goes alongside the strong Turbio River, which you should not attempt to cross.

When the trail reaches 214 m above the river, you turn Southwest and descend until you reach the river, and then walk two or three more hours until the houses of the last inhabitants of the valley are reached.

From there, the trail goes uphill all the way. It is quite a steep walk where you will cross the same water stream - actually a medium sized river - twice, and I recommend you to store water on all your canteens during your first crossing.

The first part of the climb takes place with the sun directly above your head and with low vegetation around, so it might just become a little unpleasant. This is why you would need plenty of water; besides, it is recommendable to start walking quite early in the morning in order to avoid the sun and the dreaded horseflies that abound in the area.

Mount Plataforma.
Climbing the walls of the plateau.

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