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Brief description of our educational system (VI).

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This is done in order to provide those who cannot participate in experiential activities for any reason, with some kind of documentation to prove that they have, in fact, passed successfully a course.

Some of our courses are conceptually linked because it is necessary to learn some basics before going into more advanced topics and it is mandatory to pass the lower-level courses before trying to do so with the more advanced ones. In other words, they are correlative.

For example, in order to receive the certificate of completion that corresponds to our Intermediate Survival Course (1.1.2), you should first receive the equivalent certificate that corresponds to the Basic Survival Course (1.1.1).

You may purchase and study classes belonging to any course independently, and they will be in all cases graded accordingly to your performance, but you will not receive any kind of certificate unless the correlation requisite is fulfilled.

From the date you purchase your firs lesson, you have two years to finish the corresponding course. If that time frame elapses, the validity of all the lessons that you may have passed - related to such an unfinished course - terminates. The same applies to rejected assignments, tests, etc.

The Andes of Patagonia.
All expeditions and exercises are performed in exotic regions.

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