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Survival tips: nuclear attacks (XII).

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Independent funding for a free lifestyle The dissemination of radiation by other means:

Nuclear attacks imply the dissemination of radiation, and this can be achieved by non-explosive methods as well.

A well-prepared terrorist can put up something like what happened at the World Trade Center and crash a couple of aircraft against a hard target like a nuclear power station, thus damaging its structure and releasing a lot of radiation.

That could produce an effect similar to what we could observe at Chernobyl, or perhaps even worse. In other words, without having any nuclear device, aside from the destructive effects of the explosion itself, almost all other effects achieved would be similar, and a terrorist would be thus able to perform a nuclear attack.

This is a feasible possibility: at the WTC attack we could witness the coordinated deviation of a number of aircraft and how they were used as virtual missiles to demolish massive structures. The same method could be used again.

Another way of performing a 'soft' nuclear attack would be to associate a powerful conventional explosive with a volume of radioactive material, so that upon the detonation of the warhead, the radioisotopes would spread into the atmosphere.

On big explosions or demolitions with similar impact, like what happened at the WTC, the cloud dust that would carry radioactive fallout would spread quickly and widely. These 'dust bombs' or 'dirty dissemination' devices would be lethal and devastating in psychological terms (see sections and

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