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Survival tips: nuclear attacks (IV).

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Independent funding for a free lifestyle Nuclear starters:

In order to produce a nuclear explosion, surprisingly few things are needed (see section for a detailed explanation on how these bombs work.)

Nuclear and thermonuclear devices require a simple mechanism that triggers the atomic reaction. This device acts like a spark or starter inside an engine. It produces the simplest of all nuclear reactions (fission), which raises the local temperature high enough to cause other reactions which require this higher energy to start in the first place. This could be another - bigger - fission reaction, or another one.

In other words, all nuclear bombs carry a fuse, like the detonation caps of a rifle cartridge, which in turns starts the big thing.

These starters are generally small and relatively lightweight. They are also generally portable and could be used, theoretically, as small, low-powered bombs which could be placed anywhere using a backpack.

Doubtless, this should come as a very exciting proposition for all sorts of deranged individuals, terrorists, and even special forces' operatives. Thus, these are the most dangerous nuclear warheads in stock.

Their destructive range is limited, albeit it is estimated that it could reach a thousand metres, and within that area, the devastation would be absolute.

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