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Survival tips: nuclear attacks (I).

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Independent funding for a free lifestyle Nuclear attacks:

All knowledge and theories related to survival under nuclear attack or in environments contaminated with radiation are base on just a handful of real experiences such as the attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during August 1945, some tests and nuclear accidents.

The end of the cold war lowered somewhat the risks and tensions associated to nuclear arsenals, and diminished the possibility of confronting a nuclear war scenario. However, the formation of unusually capable terrorist groups that operate much like corporations, and the proliferation of nuclear weapons has revived this risk.

Regarding nuclear attacks, we must make a difference between: The use of explosive nuclear devices. The dissemination of radiation by other means.

And also to be take into account are: All survival methods related to such scenarios. The theoretical framework associated to nuclear physics. Medical attention and decontamination techniques.

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