P. Edronkin

Survival tips: fires (IV).

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As in any other emergency, it is very important to sep calm and refrain from panicking, because if that becomes the case, you would act irrationally, and that is never good.

For example, it has been proven that most passengers survive the actual crash of an airplane or helicopter. Most deaths occur right after that because many don't leave the place fast enough because they can't or because they don't realise what kind of dangerous situation they have been put into.

In the case of aircraft, it is common that interior installations, fabrics, etc. spontaneously burn forty seconds after the impact because the fuel contained inside the aircraft or in the wing will begin to burn, and the heat produced will be transmitted thorough the metallic structure of the fuselage and then the air into the cabin.

Then, when a given temperature is reached, the fabrics in the seats, plastics in the luggage compartments, etc. will burn at once.

This is why you should leave all 'lineal targets', as military personnel call buses, trains and aircraft, at once after an impact. You may not see the fire outside, but count on it.

Indeed, manufacturers are trying all the time to produce better retardants in order to use them in these vehicles (4.1.1), but again, don't trust your luck twice.

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