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Survival tips: fires (I).

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4.1)- Surviving fires:

Fires can occur anywhere, in the most diverse situations and environmental conditions. Be it at war or at your office, you will always remain under risk. Fires begin usually thorough a number of reasons: terrorist attacks, infantry battles, pyromaniacs, air crashes and domestic problems are common causes for fires, and police and firemen usually has a hard time preventing these.

These can be big or small, localised or widespread. Forest fires are a good example of the size that an originally small fire can acquire.

In order to protect you from this danger, you would have to consider firstly the following gear:

4.1.1)- Fire retardant fabrics: these are not 100% fireproof, but will slow down flames for a while, giving you a chance to escape the area and eventually take your clothes off. They will burn, but not easily.

4.1.2)- Fireproof gear: these items will protect you. They will not burn, but usually, these things are bulky and expensive. Not practical for most tactical situations.

4.1.3)- Extinguishers: specialised personnel usually carry these in order to put out fires in confined spaces, like pilots and drivers. Just make sure you know how to handle each particular extinguisher because you will not be able to learn that during an emergency.

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