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Survival tips: combustibles (II).

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Among these we can consider matches, gunpowder, explosives, detonators, electrical and mechanical starters as well as some solid combustibles.

The idea of using a starter is, indeed, to start a fire. Matches and lighters are a kind of starters that we use every day. The are or carry within themselves the combustible that will be used to star the fire, along with some method or mechanical device that sparks that fuel.

Some chemical elements such as fluoride can react violently when they get in contact with other elements or compounds, and indeed, they can start a fire as well, but be cautious because reactive substances can be very dangerous.

Butane lighter are probably the most versatile starters available, and they should be your first choice. Lighters are even better than matches because they last longer, can be used more frequently and humidity usually does not affect their proper functioning.

You can use flint or other means to start a fire, but bear in mind that using them will almost certainly be more difficult.

Among military and commercial explosives, some caps, fuses or starters designed to spark an explosion on main charges, can also be used.

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