P. Edronkin

Survival tips: making vessels for liquids and cooking (III).

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But before speaking about these issues, let us ponder a little about a few elements that would facilitate improvisation during a trek, for vessels occupy a lot of volume inside a back pack and thus, taking many of them would not be advisable. Among those items we may count: Aluminium foil, which folded adequately into a desired shape allows for cooking, eating, serving food, storing it, etc. Aluminium foil is quite inexpensive and can be stored and carried easily. Condoms. Apart from their obvious use, you can take them along to use them as bladders for water. It is possible to fill each one of them with almost one litre of water. Nylon socks. These can be used to protect bladders made out of latex, like condoms, plastic bags, etc. Before filling such bladders, put them inside a sock and you get a more resistant composite vessel.

You can also use things found locally or even litter that without much hassle could be transformed into useful vessels: Flat stones: you can use them as frying pans and for making pizza. Use stones not thicker than three centimetres. After heating them over a fire, you can use such stones to make pizzas, pancakes, cookies, etc. Plant leaves: these can act as good plates, as improvised hats and even as apparel. In fact, in Polynesia and Oceania I have seen people sung big leaves in such a way.

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