P. Edronkin

Survival tips: making vessels for liquids and cooking (II).

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With a mug or metallic jar it would be enough to cook. You can use such a piece of cookware in various ways, and spoons can be improvised on the spot with a knife and a piece of wood. The rest of the mentioned elements will just make your life easier and improve your primitive comfort standards.

In other words, it does not make sense to use just one vessel because in such a case you would be spending too much time cooking.

Don't throw away your litter too easily. Many things that you would otherwise consider as garbage, under survival circumstances would serve you well. Never discard things like tin cans unless it becomes absolutely necessary.

Improvising vessels means building them from parts taken from other items. For example, you can improvise a mug using a beer can and duct tape.

Manufacturing vessels is something different, and it means using some unprepared resources, like clay, to make them right from zero.

Manufacturing a mug would mean, for example, giving its shape, cooking the clay until it hardens, polishing it, etc.

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