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Survival tips: making vessels for liquids and cooking (I).

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Independent funding for a free lifestyle Vessels for liquids:

Take with you on all trips a metal jar or mug of an average capacity of half a litre. It will not only serve to drink, but to collect water from tiny water streams, to cook and to eat. You really don't need any other kind of recipient if this jar is good, but you can make your life easier with a little ingenuity.

Indeed, there is something more that we can add about this topic because one of the issues that is left unattended by many trekkers is that of the required vessels for liquids, food, etc.

What would we do without them? This is a question not normally asked, but under survival or dire circumstances, that may just become the case.

There are various kinds of vessels that could be carried in any excursion or expedition, others that can be improvised, and others that can be manufactured.

Among those that can be carried, there are Pots. Frying pans. Mugs. Plates.

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