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Combat survival tips: unconventional warfare (XX).

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Independent funding for a free lifestyle Snipers operating within the context of a platoon:

In this case, snpiers act as specialised support for a fighting unit. They enjoy more mobility than in the other case ( but cannot select targets with the same kind of care and patience. They provide their unit with precise support fire for offensive as wel as defensive actions.

One common use for snipers operating as part of a mobile platoon is to act as a countermeasure for sniper fire when heavier support is not available.

In such circumstnces, expert shooters use light and portable weapons in order to keep their pace with the rest of their unit. During patrols, cleanup missiones or small-scale tactical manoeuvers, snipers will carry support duties, keeping an eye on adversaries while their colleagues engage them in battle.

On these ocassions, snipers don't act autonomously and should subbordinate their actions to the orders of the platoon commander.

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