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Combat survival tips: unconventional warfare (XVII).

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The sniper or sharpshooter is the single most dangerous fighter in the battlefield. The term 'sniper' is widely misused, because anyone with a rifle and a good sighting unit is not necessarily a sniper. They might be well-positioned good shooters, but to be a sniper it takes a special kind of person.

Professional snipers are usually psychologically stable individuals, cold, calculating and very intelligent. They are capable of using sophisticated equipment and are very patient.

Needlessly to say, their aiming is superb, but they will also wait to get the best shot.

During the Vietnam war, snipers of the U.S armed forces averaged 1.32 bullets shot per confirmed kill, while regular infantry combatants needed to fire around 20,000 bullets per each confirmed kill of theirs.

Snipers rarely act completely on their own. In general, these experts operate based in two different doctrines: In pairs. As part of a platoon.

Frequently, the sniper's weapons are silenced. Leave little or no trace of smoke. Snipers also occuppy good positions located at safe distances from their targets,but with absolute control over the surrounding terrain.

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