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Combat survival tips: unconventional warfare (IX).

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Independent funding for a free lifestyle Generally speaking, terrorist operate within the framework of the cell concept. A cell is a very reduced group of terrorist that for the most part, act in an autonomous way regarding the rest of the organisation. They don't know their patrons, their funding sources, etc and so, the whole organisation is better protected from infiltration or capture of some of its members. Frequently, terrorist organisations get their funding from common crimes, robberies, hostage-taking and ransoming, as well as drug and weapons dealings. Terrorist leaders seldom visit the battlefront. Instead, they rely on 'expendable idiots' to get their hands dirty for them.

It is highly unlikely that an individual could do anything against this problem except preventing it to the fullest possible extent by not visiting terrorist-infested areas. Foreigners constitute prime targets for terrorists in some regions, because they can be used as bargaining chips.

On the other hand, governments seldom negotiate with terrorists in order to avoid falling prey to any sort of escalation of blackmailing activities.

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