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Combat survival tips: unconventional warfare (VIII).

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Terrorism and guerrilla are terms used frequently to refer to the same kinds of warfare, although these are very different things. On the other hand, the terms get confused on purpose to discredit adversaries: terrorist like to call their often-legal repressors as state terrorists, and state representatives usually define publicly as a terrorist to anyone opposing them in any way.

The essential difference between terrorism and guerrilla> is that while the former is recognised as a legitimate form of political and military opposition under the right circumstances, terrorism is not, and it is considered a very serious crime.

Terrorism can also be defined according to its usual methods, strategies and tactics: Since terrorists lack the support of the average population, they also lack the kind of political instruments that guerrilla commanders have at their disposal and thus appeal to terror as a weapon to impose their ideas unto others or to force propaganda or certain behaviours. Terrorists don't have scruples. The members of any terrorist organisation have their own far-fetched logic, useful to justify at least to themselves, their brutal and inhuman acts.

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