P. Edronkin

Combat survival tips: unconventional warfare (VII).

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It is a common occurrence that legitimate guerrillas, after a takeover by certain elements, evolve into terrorist or narco-terrorist forces.

Guerrillas make use of some of the aforementioned tactics, being the most common pickets (, raids (, ambushes ( and psyops (

This does not necessarily implies that guerrilla forces will never use any of the rest of the tactics mentioned before, but given the fact that some of them are - to say the least - very questionable in moral terms, forces which aspire to conserve their international and local support will avoid excesses.

By definition, when a guerrilla turns ruthless and brutal, it loses its support both at local and international level, and thus becomes a terrorist group.

Generally speaking, guerrilla fighters are far more reasonable than terrorists, drug dealers and paramilitary operatives that may control any given area. Thus, it may be concluded that there is less danger in you fall into the hands of true guerrilla fighters than in the case of any of the other groups.

Nevertheless, dangers still exist and should refrain from crossing areas which are not controlled by official forces.

It is important for travellers to keep their documents at hand at all times, because guerrilla fighters sometimes put up control posts along trails and roads much like regular state forces do, and they will ask for some sort of identification.

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