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Combat survival tips: unconventional warfare (I).

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Independent funding for a free lifestyle Unconventional warfare:

Unconventional warfare develops when during a conflict, one of the involved parties is significantly weaker than the other and thus, resorts to new and varied strategies and tactics to confront its adversaries in order to minimise those differences

Some of these methods, tactics and strategies are legitimate, according to international law, while others are not, but in order to survive such situations, it is necessary to know them.

Within a the realm of unconventional warfare, both sides will attempt to acquire and retain initiative using various methods. The strongest party will likely use its political, military and financial apparatus which, granting considerable power, will certainly produce a lot of effects.

Meanwhile, the other party, the weakest one, will attempt to dilute the effect of the actions of the other, which is what gives strength to one and the other. The first by concentration, the second by segregation.

During this kind of conflicts it is quite common to hear about human rights violations because there is no easy access for international observers or journalists, and both sides involved then to use this as a weapon in order to impregnate their adversaries with fear, destroy their public image or even blackmail them.

Social, political, religious and economic problems are generally the causes for unconventional conflicts which, sometimes, can reach the level of violence and complexity of authentic wars.

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