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Survival tips and advice: watch out for boobytraps (II).

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You should also consider those improvised or circumstantial traps left by combatants in order to cause more harm to their enemies or, in fact, just everybody else.

These trap made out of bamboo, wood, etc. are generally not as durable as ordnance and weapons, but it has to be assumed that they will last for a couple of years after the end of hostilities.

Boobytraps are another class of devices that you should watch for. These are made easily out of ordnance or explosive charges attached to attractive items that will call the attention of potential victims.

For example, leaving a hand grenade inside a tin can is an old trick in this business: someone takes the safety pin out of a grenade and leaves it inside a can in the middle of a room or in any place where some unwary person would eventually pick it.

The grenade, being heavy, then falls, its fuse gets activated and then the thing goes off and kills or wounds whomever may be within the effective killing radius of the weapon.

Russian troops in Afghanistan used to leave some AK-47 rifles - generally out of service - attached to major explosive devices such as artillery rounds interred nearby.

When an afghan combatant tried to pick the prized new finding, the thing would go off with an impact in the area similar to that of a direct artillery hit.

Thus, never pick attractive things, items that don't belong to you or anything that may look suspicious. If you see something like that, don't attempt to be a hero or ignore it, because someone else may fall prey to that trap. Report it immediately to the proper authorities.

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Be very careful with misterious packages.
Be very careful with misterious packages.
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